The primary focus of our design services is on the maintenance, repair, and renovation of the building enclosure systems on existing buildings.   We collect, review, and analyze original construction drawings, past renovation documents, past reports, and oral histories to develop a background and understanding of the construction and issues to be addressed by the project.  Document review is supplemented by detailed site inspections, test cuts, and field measurement of existing conditions.  We strive to provide detailed drawings that reflect the as-built construction so the maintenance, repair, and replacement work are designed to work with and respect the engineering aspects of the existing building.

In addition to our extensive work on existing buildings, we work with architects, engineers, and owners to provide designs, drawings, details, and technical specifications for roofing, waterproofing, and building enclosure components on new construction projects.  Our in-depth understanding of past and present construction materials and methods, along with their failure mechanisms, results in developing details for new construction that avoid constructability issues and that provide redundancy at system failure points.

A large part of building enclosure design today is impacted by concerns about energy conservation, sustainability, and heat absorption.  Many of the roofing projects we design are governed by Leeds criteria or must incorporate Energy-Star rated products and/ or vegetative systems.

Our services include:

  • Roof Replacement Design

  • Vegetative & “Green” Roofing

  • Waterproofing Replacement Design

  • Maintenance & Repair Design for Existing Building Components

  • Facade Repair & Restoration Design

  • Concrete Repair Design

  • Wind Uplift Analysis & Design

  • Structural Analysis & Design

  • Site Paving Repair Design

  • Technical Specifications

  • Construction Cost Estimates

  • Commissioning




Service: Roof Replacement


Service: Roof Replacement and Waterproofing


Service: Facade and Roof Replacement


Service: Roof Replacement


Service: Facade and Roof Replacement


Service: Skylight and Roof Replacement