Project Owner: Architect of the Capitol (AoC)

  • Seal Engineering, Inc., provided an existing condition assessment report with recommendations for the Architect of the Capitol in association with KCCT Architects
  • Additionally, four roof replacement options were provided to the AOC for review and selection with base-line data provided for each option
  • Base-line data included material recommendations, code review/wind design analysis, drainage calculations, insulation R-value and taper design, drainage retention/detention and water runoff calculations for vegetative roofs, and data provided on weight impact, SRI, and solar emittance
  • Construction Documents were developed which separated the work into several options giving the AoC flexibility on what work was to be done and with the ability to defer work as desired
  • Ultimately, the skylights and roof were replaced with a ballasted, hot-rubberized asphalt IRMA with extensive solar arrays installed at the paver ballast areas on the main roof
  • Seal Engineering, Inc. provided the construction phase services including submittal reviews, RFI responses,  and on-call site inspections with observation reports