Project Owner:  Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

  • Seal Engineering, Inc. was selected as part of the team hired to develop a program for restoration of the roofing and extensive skylight systems
  • The team, including historic preservationists, mechanical engineers, structural engineers, and roofing specialists (Seal Engineering, Inc.), analyzed the existing conditions and presented findings to the Owner with options for the repair and restoration of the existing systems
  • In addition to looking at the materials and systems, the study included analysis of the construction process and phasing for each alternative to allow the project to proceed while the building was occupied and in full operation
  • Final working drawings prepared by the team included replacement of the skylight system (a design-build effort), modification to the interior flat roof system structure to facilitate ease of future maintenance, replacement of flat roofing systems, replacement of all copper roofing systems (batten seam, flat seam and standing seam), upgrading and repair of structural supports, and modification of mechanical systems
  • Seal Engineering, Inc., being responsible for all roofing elements, worked closely with other team members, including the design-build skylight contractor, to ensure seamless integration of roof replacements with adjacent detailing (structural repair, skylight installation, mechanical installations, and interface between roofing systems)