Project Owner:  U.S. Department of Defense

  • Seal Engineering, Inc., was responsible for design of the slate roofing reconstruction, including built-in and hanging gutters and associated sheet metal flashing and trim, and served as technical consultant for the CM team
  • The project consisted of removing slate shingles, sheathing, sleepers and roofing membrane down to the structural concrete deck
  • Prepared the deck surface and installed rubberized asphalt sheet membrane, sleepers, sheathing, felt underlayment and a mix of salvaged and new slate shingles
  • The project also included installation of copper/slate ridge vent assemblies, fall protection systems and periodic firebreaks
  • The original budget of $12.2 million was increased by approximately $100,000 to allow for concealed localized substrate issues
  • Seal Engineering, Inc. also provided the design of the slate and flat roof repair for the entire building in the early 1990’s, partial replacement design following 9/11, and development of RFP criteria for replacing flat & slate roofs under a five-year term contract from FY 2005 – FY 2009 and a one-year MACC contract for FY 2010

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