Seal Engineering, Inc. provides a variety of investigative services to help building owners understand the overall condition of the building enclosure systems, to identify the sources of any ongoing moisture intrusion, and to aid in development of building enclosure repair and replacement recommendations.  We pride ourselves on careful and thorough investigations, analysis and reports.  Our recommendations emphasize maintenance and repair whenever practical to maximize the service life of the building and components.  Our services include:

  • Condition surveys of roofing, waterproofing and building façade systems, and other ancillary building enclosure-related systems
  • Probes and test cuts to determine composition and condition of existing building enclosure components and to inspect concealed flashing systems
  • Controlled water testing to aid in identifying leak sources in building enclosure components
  • Nuclear moisture surveys to identify potential wet insulation in roofing systems
  • Analysis of roof drainage and insulation systems
  • Condition surveys of parking garages and balconies for concrete deterioration
  • Condition surveys of site paving systems, such as parking lots, sidewalks and plazas
  • Development of maintenance, repair and replacement programs
  • Preparation of budget cost estimates for recommended maintenance, repair and replacement work
  • Preparation of building enclosure and site amenities portions of Replacement Reserve Studies
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