Project Owner:  Dumbarton Court Owners, Inc.

  • Seal Engineering, Inc. conducted a study related to extensive moisture penetration at the painted and stucco covered masonry walls, including  historic wood windows in varied states of deterioration
  • Study found numerous deferred maintenance issues leading to the interior moisture damage
  • Prepared follow up on construction documents for full façade and window restoration
  • Window restoration scope resulted from detailed study of options ranging from full replacement to simple scraping and painting
  • Evaluated options with Ownership and OGB (historic approval agency), including a long-term financial analysis
  • Final window scope included detailed restoration that consisted of sash removal full stripping (frame and sash), sash, frame and sill reconstruction, chain, pulley and weight restoration and final painting
  • A high-end storm window system was installed to provide thermal improvement and to protect the restored exteriors
  • Final facade scope included complete stripping of inappropriate paint finishes, stucco repair, extensive masonry repointing and correction of inverted steel header supports
  • Due to surface contamination, the stucco received an elastomeric facade
  • Brick masonry received a potassium silica paint finish
  • Provided contract compliance inspection services during construction


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